Regional Championships

2018 Meet Information

2018 Hy-Tek Event File - for coaches

2018 teams inlclude:  GYST, LGSC, PX3, SEA, SSTY, SWAT, and TOSA.

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Session Reports  * Because high school boys are premitted to deck seed into the meet (eve if there are no open lanes; which would add antoher heat to an event), be aware that during the meet, the posted heat sheets below will not reflect any added heats.

Heat Sheets:  Friday - Saturday AM - Saturday PM - Sunday AM - Sunday PM

Live Results/Psych Sheet Link

Live Results will also be available on the Meet Mobile App.

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Time Trial Results

Combined Team Scores

Individual High Point Scores

Hy-Tek Team Manager Results

Hy-Tek Meet Manager Back-up

Hy-Tek Team Manager Time Trial Results

Hy-Tek Meet Manager Time Trial Back-up