Regional Championships

Visiting parents:  Most timing positions are filled, but there are a few spots available for parents who prefer to time at meets versus sitting in the stands.  Please contact Josh Johnson if you are interested in helping.  He can be reached at 262.880.9467.

2018 Meet Information

2018 Hy-Tek Event File - for coaches

2018 teams include:  GYST, LGSC, PX3, SEA, SSTY, SWAT, and TOSA.

Bellas Custom Design will be on site for all your Regional apparel needs.

Session Reports  * Because high school boys are permitted to deck seed into the meet (eve if there are no open lanes; which would add another heat to an event), be aware that during the meet, the posted heat sheets below will not reflect any added heats.

Psych Sheet

Heat Sheets:  Friday - Saturday AM - Saturday PM - Sunday AM - Sunday PM

Live Results will be available on the Meet Mobile App.

Full Results

Combined Team Scores

Individual High Point Scores

Hy-Tek Team Manager Results

Hy-Tek Meet Manager Back-up